Halina kayo mga kababayan at inyong tikman ang mga natural nating luto hatid sa inyo ng nagiging kagawiang puntahan at usap-usapang Mama Meena's Family Restaurant na matatagpuan sa 94-20 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven, N.Y.
Naiiba sa lahat ng Filipino Restaurant dahil sa malinis, maayos na pagsisilbi at napakasarap na mga lutuing sariling atin. Mga tunay na sangkap ng iba't ibang putahe ang siyang inilalahok para malasahan and tunay sarap Pilipinong luto. Kayo na rin magsasabing para ngang luto ni Nanay.

Mama Meena's

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Mama Meena's Family Restaurant was a dream that came into fruition true sheer will, desire and prayers to serve the community and the Filipinos in general. Wilhelmina (nicknamed Meena), the owner, manager and chef, hails from the native town of San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines although she was born in Manila where she spent most of her adult life. Majority of her culinary skills were cultivated out of her experience with working as a cook for a medical facility in United Arab Emirates and a Netherlands Consulate in the U.S. From the comfort of her home while nurturing her family of 5 kids in Woodhaven, New York, she did some catering business on the side for a clientele that included her "adopted families" and friends to financially support her husband, John, who works in Manhattan. They are members of a Filipino group called Ugnayan of St. Francis of Assisi Church in Manhattan since 1985 where she regularly serve food for the hospitality hour of the community.




location: 94-20 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven, NY 11421

Saturday, July 11, 2009


A woman (sounded like a spanish-speaking lady to me) called in around 5:05 pm and politely asked if we do delivery and since I was the one who got the call (I am personally delivering it myself since we do not have delivery service as of this time yet) then I can to decide if I want to have it delivered or not. I told her that it depends on where the delivery is to be made. She told me it's on 91st Street and corner of 91 Ave. So I told her it's okay I would deliver it but delivery has a minimum of $15 purchase. She said it's fine so I took her order of: Pansit Bihon, Pansit Special, Lumpia Shanghai plus (2) orders of Turon Ala Mode (w/ Buco Salad). And so I went.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It was a quiet Wednesday morning, an African-American woman was standing in front of the restaurant and curiously looking at the menu posted on the front glass window when she decided to go in and asked the owner if she could use the bathroom. The owner obliged and the woman was very thankful saying as she was on her way towards the bathroom that she is going to look at the menu afterwards. When she was done with her "chores" in the toilet, she walked over to the counter and grabbed a menu. As she was reading the contents of the menu, she said " I have to take a bus, how long does it take to get an order ready?" The owner replied "give me 10 minutes and I will prepare a fresh cook meal for you". She said "okay but what the heck if I miss the bus, I want to try this Filipino food". She ordered Chicken Adobo within 10 minutes the food is ready and off she go and did not miss her bus. That was the first customer for the day. Not until early afternoon, did the restaurant got busy with a lot of take out orders. It was a very good day to sum it all up. I believe God sent that woman as a messenger that the day will be brighter later as it turned out to be.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome To Mama Meena's Family Restaurant

Welcome To Mama Meena's Family Restaurant where we specialize in authentic Filipino cuisine. Check out our menu and youtube produced by writer Merle Exit